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Course Content, Pedagogy & Syllabus

Course Offered: B.A (Honours) Journalism

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Lady Shri Ram College introduced a three year Honours programme in Journalism in July 1995. In this short span of time, this course has developed into one of the most coveted undergraduate programmes for potential journalists in the country.

Among several unique aspects of this programme is its inter-disciplinary approach, which combines courses in Journalism and Communications with Honours level components of Economics and Political science. Another special feature is the mentor programme under which each student is apprenticed to an accomplished journalist. The close interaction with the 'mentor' helps to develop and hone the student's skills in research, writing, reporting and editing, and enables her to focus career goals.

The teaching methodology incorporates lectures, workshops and seminars, and emphasizes independent projects and extensive written assignments. The Principal and some members of the college faculty oversee the programme and deliver lectures from time to time in their special disciplines. A Co-coordinator assists in assigning and evaluating projects, conducts regular appraisals and facilitates the practical components of the programme. It is our attempt at LSR to imbibe the teaching-learning process with the kind of sensitivity that reconciles excellence with humanity, a pedagogy that can break free of rhetoric, shatter myths and rescue imagination and intuition using them as resources to conceive and initiate change. To do this we provide for our students a diverse faculty drawn from the ranks of academics and practitioners who take interesting Assistant Professors and conduct seminars. The Journalism department also brings out its publication SPACE. Realpolitik a student initiative newsletter is also published regularly by a team of our students. Our students attend film screenings and documentary festivals as well as seminars and conferences on the media to expand their horizon of experiences and to expose them to a plethora of views. We take pride in fostering our students with ambition, motivation and above all the will to make a difference.

The contact with visiting faculty is a special feature of the programme and enables students both to move beyond course requirements and engage with issues that impact the ethic and ethos of the profession

Course Requirements
Students of the Journalism programme are offered a total of twenty three courses. There are fifteen courses in the field of Journalism and Communications, and four each in political Science and Economics which are Honours level courses.

The semester system is followed. Each year has two semesters (July-November and December-April) and examinations are held at the end of each semester. 20% of the marks in each course are based on the tutorials and written assignments which a student has to submit every semester. In addition, there is a practical training during the vacation at the end of the fourth semester. This academic programme is spread over a six day week. Each student is required to have a minimum of 75% attendance.

Students are encouraged to learn at least one foreign language, and to be computer literate. Knowledge of Word Processing is strongly recommended for this programme, and is a requirement from the second year onwards.

To guide the Journalism Programme in its educational, professional and development initiatives, a group of distinguished experts from the media, the academic world and other professions has been formed to advise and support the College.

Current members of the Board of Advisors are :

Dr. Arun Bharat Ram,

Chairman, Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Dr. A.M. Khusro,

Director, Agha Khan Foundation And Consulting Editor, Financial Express, New Delhi

Mr. B.G. Varghese
Senior Journalist and Consultant Media Foundation

Mr. Kiran Karnik
Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer Discovery Channel, India

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