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About LSR

Through five eventful decades of its history, Lady Shri Ram College has celebrated the quest for expanding landscapes of learning. Today, LSR is recognized as a centre of excellence that nurtures intellectual and academic striving, vibrant extra curricular activity, outreach initiatives and civic engagement. Acknowledged as one of the nation’s finest colleges, it sends out some of the brightest young people to the world of work and the best institutions of higher learning the world over. These young people go out with the commitment of making their voice count even as they address the great questions of their times.
The celebration of diversity informs all our programmes and initiatives, providing a nurturing space for experimentation and interrogating stereotypes. The spirit of community enables and encourages every individual to reach out and make a difference. This is a place not only of teaching but collaborative scholarship reinforcing a very special interaction between students and faculty. Here students enjoy a good deal of freedom in shaping their academic experience.
Lady Shri Ram College emphasizing the humanities, social sciences and commerce, offers a unique combination of resources in a space that provides unusual intellectual and cultural opportunities. The experiential motifs that enrich this tapestry harmonize collective institutional responsibility with democratic space and combine challenge with encouragement. Above all, it is permeated by an enlightened feminism that is confident of women finding their place in the sun.
LSR moulds women professionals, who excel in just about every sphere of endeavour, be it law, governance, the arts, media, education, the corporate and voluntary sectors. They exude the self confidence that comes from the boundless enthusiasm, zest and painstaking work that seeks newer thresholds and challenges limits.
LSR is a community that continually reflects and introspects on the quality of its engagement and its commitment to innovation. A community of inspired faculty and talented students learn and grow together to shape a dynamic energy field. The imperatives of the global and the local are imaginatively and sensitively blended even as best practices are crafted. There is a palpable sense of the urge to participate in processes that usher in a new and more humane world. There is also the recognition that to take on tomorrow you simply have to better today. LSR is a continuous unfolding of exciting possibilities –– a unique and empowering space.
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